Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

We are based out of Chesterfield, VA so we cover anywhere within 2 hours of Chesterfield without a travel fee. HOWEVER, I love to travel and will go anywhere, but it may accrue additional fees.

What made you become a wedding coordinator?

I have ALWAYS been a planner at heart. I took a huge part in planning school peprallies, dances, prom, etc. Once friends and family of mine began having weddings I took an interest to the entire process. I began planning or helping to plan/or coordinate their weddings and then I assisted other “official planners” around Virginia until I was confident enough to begin my own venture. I love everything about weddings from the logistics of planning to cultural traditions- I love it all.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

I hate that this still has to be addressed. We are ABSOLUTELY accepting of ALL couples. We do not discriminate based on race, religion OR who you love! I’m incredibly passionate about this in the wedding industry. Every vendor we recommend to couples shares our views.

Do you get any type of payment from vendors you recommend if I book them?

I actually did not know this was a thing until couples began asking me. NO. I do not recieve a pay out or “cut” from you booking a friendor of mine. I may get a shout out on their social media and YOU might get a discount. I recommend vendors who I have full faith in to provide a great service, not because I recieve a benefit. Be leery of these types of vendor relationships if you stumble upon them.

What happens if you’re unable to attend my wedding because of some sort of emergency?

Honestly, this has never happened. But if it did, one of my assistants would fill in. If this were to happen, you would be notified and I would make sure your day is still perfect. But rest assured- it would take a LOT to keep me from your wedding!

If I hire you, will YOU be our coordinator?

YES. I am the coordinator you will see on your wedding day. I do not have lead coordinators who work in my place except in an emergency. I will be your gal from start to finish. With that said I only do one wedding at a time, so you have 100% of my attention.

Why do you have a month of package but not just day of?

It is NOT possible for someone to show up the day of and manage the day. Month of, I take the reigns about a month out. I begin coordinating all your logistics with all your vendors so the day of your wedding is smooth as possible.

Have a question I didn’t answer? Shoot me an email at tatiana@simplycharmedevents.com